Matt Roberts - A brief biography

Singer/guitarist Matt Roberts from Sydney's northern beaches has been playing music professionally since 1985 in his late teens. Now after more than 25 years working all over the country he has played and recorded with dozens of acts spanning jazz, blues, soul, funk, rock, country and pop. Whilst proving himself a highly versatile musician, Matt has an affinity for the soul and 'blues roots' traditions and much of his own work could be described as contemporary rhythm and blues.

Matt studied music at New England whilst completing high school and immediately began working as a freelance musician and teacher. Matt has played in almost every major live music venue in Sydney, performed on television, live radio broadcasts and has featured on many CD releases as well as recording his own albums. Matt has worked alongside many great musicians including; Shauna Jensen, Jeff Duff, Armondo Hurley, Andrew Oh, Nancy Kiel, Sam McNally, Tania Bowra, Randall Waller (Shania Twain band), Sara Storer, Chrissy Thomas, Louise Perriman and many more. He continues a busy live performance and recording career, and has a busy schedule as a music tutor in secondary schools.